Sunday, April 10, 2011

DCS Explores IIF and Greater Bit Depth

Bill Bennett, ASC opened a morning session titled “Better Pixels from Greater Bit Depth,” during the DCS with a series of beautiful images that he shot 12-bit with the ARRI Alexa, including imagery shot directly into the sun over the ocean.

During the session Ray Feeney, co-chair of AMPAS’ SciTech Committee, discussed the emerging IIF (Image Interchange Framework) aimed at seamless image interchange.

He suggested that today’s image interchange is “totally insufficient,” noting that there are new cameras, new display devices, and more and varied distribution formats. ”It is about any format, anywhere, anytime,” he said. “We are reformatting for a wider variety of distribution mechanisms that ever before. Each has a different sweet spot.

“Existing standards are outdated,” he asserted.

He suggested that if a change is to be made, that it be to 16-bit with its ability to increase dynamic range and color gamut. IIF enables workflows including 16-bit 4K.

For those in attendance at NAB, Feeney announced a few IIF related presentations scheduled during the week. These include:

--TV series “Justified” Monday, 2pm, Room N115.

--Sony’s new 4K camera imagery through the IIF pipeline. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 11 am, Sony booth.

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