Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Students Visit SMPTE

SMPTE had some guests today.
The SMPTE student chapter from Pasadena Community College were on hand at the Technical Conference and Expo, as volunteers, as well as to listen to the presentations and explore the exhibition. They also toured the Mann Chinese Theater—and gave the entire experience high marks.
“Everyone is doing 3D,” Stella Cao observed, offering “I think they should make the 3D glasses more comfortable for people who wear glasses.”
Timothy Sargent said he enjoyed the presentation of Oculus 3D’s method of using film for 3D. “It’s so cool,” he said. “It could make more 3D available.”
“There is more to learn than I ever imagined,” student chapter president Donald Williamson summed up, adding that the visit helped him to understand the importance of networking and really sparked his interest in learning much more..
Asked if they plan to attend future SMPTE events, the students responded with a chorus of ‘yeses.’

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