Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Multi-View Production: New Ways To Capture Depth

Tuesday afternoon's SMPTE conference session on multi-view production included a preview of two developing camera systems that introduce new ways of capturing depth on set. Both were recently tested in the field.
Session chair Howard Lukk, Disney’s vp production technology, described the first as a “hybrid 3D” approach as it combines elements of both native 3D production and conversion. It's a prototype trifocal camera system that is effectively a rig holding one main camera (Alexa) and two small satellite cameras. This allows the filmmakers to photograph the imagery on set while at the same time generate depth information that can be used to create a stereo version in postproduction. This camera system was developed by Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute with Walt Disney Studios and ARRI.
The second, a “motion scene camera,” was introduced by ARRI’s principal engineer Dr. Johannes Steurer. This is a motion picture camera with a time-of-flight sensor for generating the depth information.
The day ended with the annual opening night reception in the exhibit hall.

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