Sunday, October 20, 2013

SMPTE 2013 Symposium - Better Pixels but no 3DTV.

I'm not quite sure what 'better pixels' means (and what therefore 'worse pixels' might be) but it is the talking point at the SMPTE 2013 Symposium here in Los Angeles.  It seems to be a shorthand way of saying that having more resolution alone may not be enough to sell UHDTV, and that more goodies are needed such as higher dynamic range (giving the picture more sparkle) and higher frame rates (making the line-backers sharper when they run).  Looking at the programme, it seems it will be impossible not to emerge from the Symposium not an expert in UHDTV.  Some may see UHDTV as the great meeting place where movie production and TV production meet.....all will be revealed in the next few days.   By the way, I've sold my 3DTV glasses, because it doesn't look like they will be needed.   


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