Tuesday, October 22, 2013


The grouping of Hollywood studios, Movielabs, revealed their own wish-list for UHD on the afternoon of the first day symposium at SMPTE 2013.   It’s quite a stack – and its seems to go beyond the features available in UHD TVs in the shops now.   The engineers in the audience were delighted when they heard of the high quality aspirations of the movie studios.    A little later in afternoon, another speaker practically got a standing ovation when he said ‘let’s forget 8 bit/sample’ (and go for higher bit depths).   Maybe as a group of engineers, we are happiest when providing the highest image quality that technology permits – but is this a fault?

One of the points of ‘stress’ in the movie studios wish list is the suggestion that UHDTV movies shown on TV sets should use the same colorimetry that is used for making movies, termed the ‘XYZ’ system.   Having the same system for making movies and for showing them on TVs would have benefits, and the XYZ system is very flexible.   But for TV broadcasting the price maybe higher bit rates without actually any higher quality for events like sports.  Maybe tests made in the coming months will shed light on this?


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